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Special metal materials such as Japan NGK beryllium copper, DOWA OLIN titanium and copper special metal materials, and so on

Technical Article
2018/11/06 18:59
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Dongguan billion-Hardware Co., Ltd. (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao legal person-owned), has been to provide customers with quality products, all-round services and technical guidance. Production and sales of integrated enterprise. Professional management of non-ferrous metals, including brass, copper, copper, domestic aluminum, iron and so on, special metal materials such as Japan NGK beryllium copper, DOWA OLIN titanium metal and other special metals. Sufficient supply, the full range, all materials to provide proof of origin SGS materials, quality assurance. "Quality-oriented, customer-first, an urgent need for" the purpose of the company's policy. In the market to establish a good quality, reasonable price and delivery on time image.

Company sales model include: feed processing trade (to plant), metal products wholesale and import and export business. Production process excellence, pay close attention to quality, so that our products quality and stability, around the customer to give a high evaluation. After-sales service capable of marketing and distribution team will enable you to experience my company's services and thoughtful and efficient. We sincerely welcome guests from all directions came to discuss cooperation.